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Lunch Menu


Stir Fry and Curry

Served from 11: 30am – 3: 00pm. Choice protein: Tofu, Chicken $0.25 extra, Pork $0.25 extra, Beef $0.75 extra. Choice Side: Crispy Wonton, Veggie Egg roll, Garden salad. Choice Jasmine Rice, Brown Rice, Steamed Veggies.

1. Kapow (Lunch) $9.50

Chili and basil with minced garlic and green bean.

2. Gra Tieam (Lunch)$9.50

Garlic and black pepper with cabbage.

3. King Sod (Lunch)$9.50

Ginger and black mushroom with salted bean sauce, sweet peppers, onion and scallion.

4. Panaeng (Lunch) $9.50

Curry with coconut cream, lime leaf and Thai basil.

5. Eggplant with White Onion and Thai Basil (Lunch) $9.50

6. Baby Bok Choy and Shitake Mushroom (Lunch) $9.50

7. Assorted Green and Shitake Mushroom (Lunch)$9.50

8. Gaeng Fak Thong(Lunch)$9.50

Pumpkin Red Curry in coconut milk and Thai basil.

9. Gaeng Keow Wan Green Curry (Lunch)$9.50

Green Curry with bamboo shoot, Thai eggplant and basil.



Served from 11: 30am – 3: 00pm. Choice of Crispy Wonton, Veggie Roll or Garden Salad

13. Sidewalk Pad Thai (Lunch)$12.00

Thai National dish, keeping it real with dried prawn, shrimp, chicken, egg, baked tofu, bean sprout, chive, chili pepper and crushed peanut.

14. Ba Mee Moo Daeng (Lunch)$9.75

BBQ pork noodle steamed jade noodle, roasted garlic, baby bok choy, crispy wonton and scallion. Dry or Soup.

15. Guay Teow Tom Yum (Lunch) $10.00

Hot and sour rice noodle, minced chicken, shrimp, BBQ pork, chili, bean sprout, topped with green onion, cilantro and crushed peanut. Dry or Soup.


Thai Grill

Served from 11: 30am – 3: 00pm. Side - Spicy Papaya salad or Steamed veggies. Rice - Jasmine, Sticky or Brown rice. Dipping sauce - Sweet Chili Plum or Spicy Pepper Tamarind.

Bangkok Steak (Lunch)$11.00

Lemongrass Pork (Lunch)$11.00

Isaan BBQ Chicken (1/2)(Lunch)$12.75

Lemongrass Chicken Breast (Lunch)$12.00


House Special

Served with Rice and choice of Crispy Wonton, Veggie Roll or Garden Salad

10. Khao Moo Daeng (Lunch)$9.75

BBQ Pork rice with tamarind red sauce, Asian greens and hard boiled egg.

11. Gaeng Gari Gai (Lunch)$11.00

Yellow curry chicken simmered in coconut milk with potato and carrot.

12. Gaeng Massaman (Lunch)$12.00

Beef stew curry simmered in coconut milk with potato, carrot, onion, peanut



Mango and Sweet Black Rice$7.50


Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich$7.00

With sweet black rice and peanuts.



Served from 11:30am – 3:00pm.

Thai Ice Tea (Lunch)$3.50

Thai Iced Coffee (Lunch)$3.50

Lemonade (Lunch)$3.50

Iced Tea (Lunch)$3.00

Iced Green Tea (Lunch)$3.00

Young Coconut Juice (Lunch)$5.00


Soda (Lunch)$3.00

Coke, sprite, diet coke.

Spring Water (Lunch)$3.50


Singha Soda water$3.50


Thai Herbal Drink (Lunch)$3.50

All natural. Ginger, lemongrass. 300ml