About the Tuk Tuk Thai

Tuk Tuk Thai is an original Thai concept that is a combination of quality Thai cuisine, fantastic service, and fresh ingredients all served in a modern, stirring environment.

Taking a spin on various forms of Thai cuisine, Tuk Tuk Thai brings a marriage of classic Thai spices and flavors together in the most delicious and fresh way possible. Our ever popular Pad Thai dishes are what we're known for- and for good reason! At Tuk Tuk, we make everything fresh daily, ensuring a truly homemade recipe with each bite. Thai Yang, meaning "Grill" offers savory classics like Gai Yang Ta-Krai, Lemongrass Natural Chicken, Bangkok steak, which is marinated overnight with garlic, galanga root, wine and soy sauce- to our Spicy Thai Salads with Phia Goong being grilled shrimp with grape tomatoes, mint, kaffir lime leaf, and lemongrass you'll be coming back for more.

Perfect for lunch or dinner, Tuk Tuk Thai also has an extensive catering menu suited for all events or corporate parties. With our popular Pad Thai or Grilled Pork Chop, you won't know what will impress your guests the most. Committed to providing our guests nutritious and authentic secrets of our culture, Tuk Tuk Thai is the answer to what you've been missing!


Established in 1998.Tuk Tuk Thai has been serving Los Angeles since 1995. Our mission is to inspire a fun and enjoyable environment and to provide great nutritional food that empowers people to live healthier lives. unique spin on other forms of Thai cuisine. With over 19 years of dedicated success, come see what sets the standard at Tuk Tuk Thai.

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